Monday, April 27, 2009

G.A.P.A 's 10 Demands

G.A.P.A Di Malaysia is not a movement of hate .We do not spread hatred to other nationalities. We only request for safety and comfort in our backyard,our streets and our homes. OUR COUNTRY.

G.A.P.A only demand 10 issues to ensure the safety of Malaysian:
  1. Secure Malaysian borders.
  2. Enforce stricter and fierce immigration laws.
  3. No more amnesties for illegal immigrants - or the traitors who employ them.
  4. Local citizens are to be prioritize for any work in any industry.
  5. If there is a critical need for foreign labours (e.g scarce in local labours , Odd jobs), the employer must provide proper lodging and accomodations for these immigrants in a heavily-controlled premises , away from the homes of Malaysian.
  6. Impose stricter regulations for the immigrants : No Gatherings and No Outings. If they need to do so, it will not more than 3 person at one time and must be monitored by local authority.
  7. Immigrants are restricted to go out at night. The failure to do so will be charge as criminal feloni.
  8. Immigrant-criminals must be penalized without any mercy and without diplomatic concerned.
  9. The People of Malaysia must have the power to protect themselves against the immigrants and must have the authority to fight the immigrant-criminals.
  10. Every politician and authorities, at every level of government, must make the above as their first priority.

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