Monday, April 27, 2009

G.A.P.A 's 10 Demands

G.A.P.A Di Malaysia is not a movement of hate .We do not spread hatred to other nationalities. We only request for safety and comfort in our backyard,our streets and our homes. OUR COUNTRY.

G.A.P.A only demand 10 issues to ensure the safety of Malaysian:
  1. Secure Malaysian borders.
  2. Enforce stricter and fierce immigration laws.
  3. No more amnesties for illegal immigrants - or the traitors who employ them.
  4. Local citizens are to be prioritize for any work in any industry.
  5. If there is a critical need for foreign labours (e.g scarce in local labours , Odd jobs), the employer must provide proper lodging and accomodations for these immigrants in a heavily-controlled premises , away from the homes of Malaysian.
  6. Impose stricter regulations for the immigrants : No Gatherings and No Outings. If they need to do so, it will not more than 3 person at one time and must be monitored by local authority.
  7. Immigrants are restricted to go out at night. The failure to do so will be charge as criminal feloni.
  8. Immigrant-criminals must be penalized without any mercy and without diplomatic concerned.
  9. The People of Malaysia must have the power to protect themselves against the immigrants and must have the authority to fight the immigrant-criminals.
  10. Every politician and authorities, at every level of government, must make the above as their first priority.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Immigration Department In always..

By Suganthi Suparmaniam and Adrian David
New Straits Times
27th April 2009

A US Senate foreign relations committee report implicating Malaysian officials in human trafficking at the Thai-Malaysian border has drawn an emphatic denial from the Immigration Department, write SUGANTHI SUPARMANIAM and ADRIAN DAVID

Datuk Mahmood Adam (pic) says the Immigration Department is monitoring the situation
EXTORTION. Bribery. Close one eye. These are just some of the allegations directed at Malaysian Immigration officials accused of extorting money from illegal immigrants.

Their Thai counterparts are alleged to ignore human trafficking at the borders.
Immigration director-general Datuk Mahmood Adam has dismissed as baseless the report that his officers are on the take.

He says Malaysian and Thai officials are keeping an eye on human trafficking along their common border.
"Our department is liaising with other enforcement agencies and we have put in place several measures, which I cannot divulge.

"Being a common border, it is an ongoing process to nab the culprits and bust the syndicates involved," he says, adding that several arrests have been made.

Mahmood says the situation is the same at the country's borders with Indonesia, Brunei and the Philippines, with enforcement agencies monitoring the situation.

"We conduct scheduled and unscheduled enforcement operations, even in towns and villages, from time to time to weed out the culprits."

Mahmood says his department has established a task force to look into the issue following allegations in a report by the US Senate foreign relations committee and by Klang member of parliament Charles Santiago as well as non-governmental organisations, including Tenaganita.

"We have been monitoring the situation over the last six months after earlier reports surfaced. But I can assure you that the reports are not true," he says, reiterating the negative findings by the Home and Foreign Ministries.

Asked if any of his officers are involved in bribes or extortion, Mahmood says so far none has been implicated.
"There is no inside job. Our procedures in deporting illegal immigrants are there.
"We repatriate them once we have established their countries of origin," he says, adding that the department could otherwise turn them over to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for further action.

A report in the Bangkok Post recently says the allegations are too credible to ignore.
The report interviewed Myanmar immigrants of the Chin, Rohingya, Shan and Mon tribes allegedly fleeced and tortured by Myanmar, Thai and Malaysian enforcement officers, who received a bounty for each arrest.
Some claimed to have paid RM2,000 for safe passage to a third country.
Those who failed to pay were "sold" as slaves, sexually abused or placed in jungle camps.
Children were also not spared.

It was reported that as of January, there were 27,000 Myanmar refugees registered with the UNHCR in Kuala Lumpur, with 30,000 more waiting to be processed.

NST 2009

This Country is already suffocated with millions of immigrants.We can see them roaming freely in every corner of this nation and yet the Immigration Department failed to 'see' it. Not a surprise.

G.A.P.A di Malaysia 's statement is simple :



Thursday, April 23, 2009


Because we love this country,this land and this great Federation Of Malaysia. Our 'Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku"..

The main agenda of GERAKAN ANTI PENDATANG ASING DI MALAYSIA is to stop the destruction of our Federation and our way of life. The real Malaysian Way of Life.

The silence of our people is being mocked by these ungrateful immigrants. Our patience is teased over and over again. Our Land is being invaded.Our house is being invaded.Our children is being molested.

We realized how our government ,led by corrupted politicians and leaders failed their duty as the caretaker of this nation.At the same time, we understood how corrupted authorities and officials gained their profits by opening our borders to these immigrants.Opening the threats to Malaysian people.


With millions of Malaysian who will no longer be silenced,our anger is invetable.It is time for us to come together as a one voice and one powerful force to resist this new form of colonized.It is our duty as the people to fight these new enemy.

They came, they roamed and now they are breeding without control. Like pest.Like parasites. They're changing our landscapes without respect.Took away our own citizens rights and priviledges.

We sworn our oath to take back what we have lost ; A peaceful nation with an honoured Constitution. Only for our next generation of real Malaysian. We will put our fist and voices in the air demanding a fierce law enforcement for border security.

If the authorities failed to do so, we will confront these immigrants ourselves.In any means.Anytime and anywhere. To put the end of their menace and we ourselves will become immigrants-crime fighter.

We welcome the participation of all Malaysian who still believe in our constitution and law to join this honorable endeavor. To put things back in order in our own backyard.

Because a patriot work ,starts at home.